Operating Partner Projects


RIEMSER Pharma GmbH 

Riemser Pharma GmbH is a growing European and globally active specialty pharmaceuticals company, which markets, sells and distributes medicinal products for human use in selected therapeutic areas with high unmet medical needs. As part of its strategic growth plan, Riemser is currently expanding its market position in European key markets, focusing on accelerating growth in selected areas with high medical needs. Riemser generates lasting value by its way of strategic product purchasing and company acquisition coupled with sophisticated life cycle management. Riemser has established itself as a modern European platform for the marketing and sales of specialty pharmaceuticals and is an ideal partner for innovative pharmaceutical companies entering new markets for their specialty pharmaceutical products, or intending to extend the life cycles and profitability of their products. Riemser is owned by Ardian, an independent investment company with assets of US$50bn.




Ionixx Technologies Inc., Hong Kong 

Interim-CEO and Chairman of the Board

Ionixx has proprietary innovative technologies to confer anti-microbial properties to textiles, polymers and liquids. On behalf of the investors, we had the mandate to restructure and re-build the company (investors are highly reputed and US- /China based). We achieved a complete turn-around single-handedly of a catastrophic corporate situation in less than 9 months, including:

  • introduction of a completely new business model, closing a factory in China and selling another one in the US
  • re-negotiating a loss making US distribution relationship and turning it profitable.



MAST Biosurgery AG 

MAST Biosurgery is an innovative biomaterials company specializing on the develepment and distribution of products for post-surgical adhesion prevention. Key therapeutic areas are general surgery, obstetrics/gyneco-logy, open heart surgery and orthopedics. It is headquatered in Zürich, Switzerland, with a subsidiary in San Diego, USA. It has its proprietary distribution system in the USA and a global network of distributors.



M&A Projects



Medicis very successfully executed  the mandate to sell the German oncology-focused specialty pharma company Megapharm in 2008  (revenue 500mUSD) as lead M&A advisor of the Megapharm shareholders to Alliance Boots/KKR (today part of  Walgreens).


Divested Projects



Mini-Lap Technologies has developed novel instrumentation for use in laparoscopic surgery. The aim of the technology is to increase surgical options by taking the cost and guesswork out of placing trocars used in the insertion of ancillary surgical instruments such as grabbers, tissue stabilizers and electro-cautery.

The instrumentation has been developed by a surgeon with the patient, clinician and administrator in mind. As the company is early in its life, the product line, which is based on a platform technology [patent pending] will continue to expand to enable the surgeon to address a broader range of clinical challenges. Mini-Lap instruments have been cleared by the FDA for general use in laparoscopic surgery procedures

By integrating the instrument and the delivery conduit in a disposable instrument, Mini-Lap helps the surgical administrator to control costs, minimize surgical scaring, improve patient comfort and increase the options available to the surgeon.




NuvoLase, Inc.

NuvoLase, Inc. is developing light-based disinfectant devices and procedures to treat diseases caused by viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens in human tissue.

We are currently developing and licensing proven procedures and associated devices for the eradication of the fungus (Trichophyton rubrum) which is the primary pathogen responsible for toe nail fungus (Onychomycosis), currently affecting 10 million individuals in the US.

We are also targeting the bacteria (Porphyromonasgingivalis) that has been linked to pancreatic cancer and heart disease as well as causing periodontal disease which is responsible for tooth loss in 50% of the US population.





Leveraging years of experience in healthcare, automation, and information technology, the leadership at Sabal is driving patient safety to a whole new level. Sabal’s MedCenter™ helps nurses and pharmacists close the loop so they can provide the absolute best, safest care possible by accessing and administering meds at the bedside. What sets our system apart from all the rest is that our software controls access to medications, reducing “workarounds”, and potential for errors. It is very lightweight but has a high capacity to accommodate narcotics.




Vital Sensors Inc.

Vital Sensors develops permanent intracardiac monitoring devices that aid in the management of patients with severe heart failure. Thefirst product has successfully passed the first in human stage and controlled clinical trials will start soon. The technology is wireless and free of batteries and thus optimally suited for long term monitoring use.




Micrus Endovascular 

Micrus Endovascular is a medical device company formed in June 1996 with its corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. Micrus Endovascular manufactures and markets both implantable and disposable medical devices used in the treatment of cerebral vascular diseases. Its products are used by interventional neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons primarily to treat cerebral aneurysms in the brain responsible for hemorrhagic stroke, a significant cause of death in the United States. The Micrus product line is an endovascular system that enables a physician to gain access to the brain in a  minimally invasive manner through the vessels of the circulatory system. The company believes its products provide a safe and reliable alternative to more invasive neurosurgical procedures for treating aneurysms. Their proprietary, three-dimensional microcoils are unique in that they automatically deploy within the aneurysm, forming a scaffold that conforms to a wide diversity of aneurysm shapes and sizes. They also sell accessory devices and products used in conjunction with our microcoils.

(divested 2002)



Myconostica Ltd. 

Myconostica Ltd develops and supplies molecular diagnostic products to aid rapid and accurate diagnosis of life-threatening invasive fungal infections.

Traditional methods for the detection of fungal pathogens, such as culture and microscopy, are well-documented as being relatively insensitive and slow. Myconostica will use advances in molecular techniques, such as Real-Time PCR, to develop a range of assays for the rapid, accurate and sensitive detection of fungi such as Aspergillus spp., Pneumocystis jiroveciiand Candida spp.




U3 Pharma AG

U3 Pharma AG is an emerging leader in targeted cancer drug development. The company has produced a pipeline of novel targeted therapeutics based on the ground-breaking discoveries made by its founder Prof. Axel Ullrich.


(divested 2008)



Hybrigenics is a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company focusing its internal R&D programs on innovative target and therapeutics against cancer and commercializing its high throughput technology and bioinformatics platforms to identify, validate and inhibit protein interactions.

Hybrigenics’ most advanced development program is based on inecalcitol, a vitamin D analogue, for prostate cancer in combination withcurrent reference treatments, for improved efficacy and better tolerance.

Hybrigenics’ research program explores the role of Ubiquitin-Specific Proteases (USPs) in the degradation of onco-proteins, and the use of proprietary USP inhibitors against various cancer types.

Hybrigenics offers to researchers from all life sciences an access to its ISO 9001-certified Yeast-Two Hybrid (Y2H) high throughput screening platform, to its sophisticated bioinformatics set of tools and extensive database, and to its chemical library and high throughput small molecule screening platform, as fee-for-service activities.

Hybrigenics is organized in two operational units: Hybrigenics Pharma for the internal R&D programs and Hybrigenics Services for the commercial business, coordinated with economies of scale by a common corporate, financial and administrative management. The core link among all Hybrigenics activities is trust in science for life. Hybrigenics went public in December 2007.





WILEX is a biopharmaceutical company based in Munich, which was founded in 1997 by a team of physicians and oncologists from the Technical University of Munich.

WILEX is focused on the development of new cancer therapies based on antibodies and small molecules. The therapeutic approach of WILEX targets the prevention of growth, spread and the metastasis of malignant tumours and the destruction of malignant tumours in the body.

Wilex had its initial public offering in late 2006.




CLL Pharma

In 1995, when CLL PHARMA was founded on the French Riviera, we set ourselves the dual target of providing movers in the pharmaceutical world, and patients, with access to:

  • drugs providing very high levels of quality, safety and efficacy together with a more favourable price structure
  •  innovative galenical formulations able to producing better treatment acceptance and compliance.

Today, with 50 marketing authorizations, over 30 development projects and 80 international patents involving 5 drug delivery technologies, we can only feel proud of the progress made and confident of what we may yet do.

By the end of 2005, CLL PHARMA purchased SYN:TEM, a Drug Discovery company specialised in peptides chemistry, and owner of a technology named PEPTRANS, allowing to vectorise and facilitate Blood Brain Barrierpassage for molecules aiming for central nervous system.

Five new molecules are proposed in two different therapeuticaxes: pain and cancer.





Devgen’s mission is to enable farmers to sustainably grow more food on less land, with less water, agrochemicals and labor. Devgen uses advanced biotechnology and molecular breeding technology to make high yielding seeds and crop protection solutions with a superior environmental profile. Incorporated in 1997, Devgen has offices in Ghent (Belgium), Singapore, Hyderabad (India) and Delaware (US) and employs more than 200 people. Devgen went public in 2005.


(divested 2004)